Over 20 years of international experience as an artist in many fields.

Trained as a fine artist and a graphic designer, to communicate visual emotions.

  • técnica mixta

  • oil on canvas, Paso tanguero

  • Oil on canvas, painted in 2006

  • Illustration and design of characters iOS game, Lady Shotgun Ld.

  • Oil on canvas, "Momento cero"

    Oil on canvas

    This is a dancing couple, pasionated. This is part of my "tango" serie.

  • Oil on canvas, "Adiós Nonnino"

    Adiós Nonnino

    This is a big format 1m x0.90 m inspired in the Tango music from Piazzolla, called Adiós Nonnino

  • Oil on canvas, "Beso otoñal"

    Beso Otoñal

    The feet as main part of the body, a couple of lovers that are placed somewhere in Castellón, Spain.

  • Painting mam with baby

    Mam with baby

    This is my last painting for a while, after that i took a time to re-think, re-view, re-live some experiences. Soon will be more from me as an artist with pencils.

  • dancing tango artwork

    Oil on canvas, "Paso a paso"

    Dancing Tango artwork

    I love the feet, but this time with shoes and in action. Format: 0.90x0.40m. I enjoy the place they found for this picture, i heard a red sofa lie down it.

  • fresh landscape bild

    Fresh landscape bild

    This was one impression from the forest of Tirol, i enjoyed walking there.

  • body-sportshoes artwork

    Sportshoes as body

    A sport couple that enjoy doing a break during their fitness training

  • Painting, "Aura nocturno"

    Aura nocturno

    This is part of my couple series.

  • Oil on canvas, "Desarraigo paulatino"

    Painting on canvas

    I painted this type of bird trying to fly again, while i were in Argentina before i take away to Europe. Please have a look what karen says about it. Thank you Karen and Loren.

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  • Mix technic on table

    This painting is part of a seccence and has a lot of meaning to me, i enjoy that someone that i appreciate has it.

    details preview
  • Mix technic on table

    This painting has a lot of meaning to me, and i enjoy that someone that i appreciate has it.

  • Oil on canvas

    This was painted while i was in Argentina, ending my graphic design career.

  • colorfull blu man


    This was painted while i was living in Austria.

  • cristall wall with artwork

    Cristal wall - "Saint Nikolaus beach"

    Airbrush on glass

    This was a beautiful experience for me where i mixed art and design. This piece is a glass wall and door that divides the main room of a penhause in innstrasse, Innsbruck, Austria.

  • Mural en Balcarce, mejorando espacios

    Street Art - Color & Environment

    Color in the Urban Life

    The presence of colour in this part of the city was very important because it's a dark place with no reduced neighborhood.

  • Mural en Balcarce, mejorando espacios

    Intervención en la via pública

    mural en Av. del Valle, Balcarce

    Diseño y realización de "El sentimiento de libertad en el contacto y cuidado de nuestra naturaleza". Pintura látex realizada en conjunto a Jorgelina Scorziello y colaboradores Noel Serino, Denise Gomez y Sociedad de Fomento Barrio Norte.