About me i'm always searching for new experiences, i'm proud to have lived in different countries.

+15 years of international experience in graphic design across a wide range of digital and print related projects.

I love to work remotely delivering graphic design and illustrations for digital purposes. Agile working development.

  • UI, HUD, GUI touch and non-touch screen, front-end developer
  • 2D illustration
  • Logo, Visual Identity
  • HTML + CSS

Companies i'm working with

  • Meta

  • Visual designer

Software development and visual design company.
We deliver comprehensive management of digital projects chiefly offshore.
We have the experience and skills to design and develop products / projects, with a clear objective: reach the goal.

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  • Gabriela Pavan

  • Graphic Designer - Artist 2D

Lead Artist Gabriela has over 20 years of international experience as an artist in many fields. She now works as a freelance art director for web, mobile, tablets and desktop projects, specialising in online and mobile games applications.

from 1976 till today

Gabriela has a range of colors that dance, feel, and love

There have been numerous contributing factors and events in my life that continue to form my artistic expressions. Since i was a little girl i used to go to artistic workshops with experienced teachers where i started to train my hands and my glance. Then this excercises were intesified during my studies of Graphic Design at Universidad de Buenos Aires(UBA), Argentina in 1999. Till then i feel an influence on my work of syntesis in the visual comunication.

Individual Exhibitions

2000-2001 Weiherburg Castel, Innsbruck - Austria

2000 Wilchem Greil Cafe, Innsbruck - Austria

2002 Casa de la cultura, Municipalidad de Balcarce - Argentina

2003-2004 Therapiezentrum Loretto, Hall in Tirol - Austria

2006 Centro cultural Las Aulas, Castellón - Spain

2006 AK Kunstfoyer, Innsbruck - Austria

2008 Centro Municipal de Cultura, Castellón - Spain

General Exhibitions

1994 1º Exposición de Arte y decoración, Balcarce - Argentina

1998 Loft del Viejo Palermo, Galeria de Arte, Buenos Aires - Argentina

1999 Galería Nucleo de Arte, Buenos Aires - Argentina

1999 Galería Encuentr'Arte, Buenos Aires - Argentina

2002 AK Tiroler Kunstmarkt, Schwaz - Austria

2003 Instituto Cardenal Ferrari, Buenos Aires - Argentina

2004 BuchGalerie, Innsbruck - Austria

2004 Weiherburg castel, Innsbruck - Austria

2004 Centro Cultural Amankai, San Martin de los Andes - Argentina

2008 12th Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai - China


1998 1º Prize: Drawing. Vº Salón la Mujer en el Arte", Galería de arte y diseño moderno, Buenos Aires - Argentina

1999 Drawing. Salón Antonio Berni, Galería Núcleo de Arte, Buenos Aires - Argentina

2001 1º Prize: isologotype, Cámara de Turismo, Balcarce - Argentina

2005 2º Prize: Ceramic. Trofeo de la Magdalena, Castellón - Spain

2014 Premio Muarpa, Mar del Plata - Argentina

Projects made

2000 illustrations for medical online project, TMC, Innsbruck - Austria

2003 Illustrations for Ferrero Spa Austria, Nutella, Innsbruck - Austria

2004 Design of interior wall for a privat apartment, Innsbruck - Austria

2012 Visual Identity, Illustrations and UI design for iOs/Android/windows Game, Buddha Finger. Lady Shotgun, London - United Kindom

2014 Visual identity, UI desgin and graphics for App Game, The Antiques Affair. TickityBoom, London - United Kindom

2018 Visual identity, UI desgin and graphics for App Game, Fix it!. Lady Shotgun, London - United Kindom